Magnetic Drive Centrifugal Pump for Low Flashing Point Liquids

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Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: RICITE
Model Number: RMI
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Place of Origin China Brand Name RICITE
Model Number RMI Product Name: RMI Stainless Steel Magnetic Drive Centrifugal Pump
Color: Red,Blue Customized Caliber: 32-300mm
Flow: 3.2-1000m3/h Lift: 8-150m
Temperature: -20℃ - +120℃(Customize As Needed+120 ℃ -+350 ℃) Pressure: 0-1.6Mpa(Customized 1.6-30Mpa As Needed)
Power: 1.1-315KW Application: Petroleum, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Electroplating
High Light:

sealless magnetic drive chemical pump


centrifugal sealless magnetic drive chemical pump


magnetic chemical pump

Product Description

RMI Stainless Steel Magnetic Drive Centrifugal Pump



Magnetic Drive Centrifugal Pump for Low Flashing Point Liquids 0DESCRIPTION

RMI Stainless steel magnetic pump is a type of pump that uses magnetic transmission, which can separate the motor from the pump body, avoiding the problem of liquid leakage at the seal of traditional pumps. It mainly consists of driving devices, magnetic rotors, sealing shells, static seals, and other parts.

Its working principle is to use magnetic transmission to convert the rotation of the electric motor into the rotation of the pump body. In a stainless steel magnetic pump, the electric motor drives the external magnetic rotor to rotate, and through magnetic field induction, the internal magnetic rotor of the rotor drives the pump body to rotate. Due to the use of static seals between the magnetic rotor and the pump body, the leakage problem of dynamic seals can be avoided, thus avoiding fluid leakage and environmental pollution.

Overall, stainless steel magnetic pumps have excellent sealing performance and can avoid fluid leakage, making them widely used in industries with high requirements for fluid leakage and pollution.


Magnetic Drive Centrifugal Pump for Low Flashing Point Liquids 0APPLICATION

RMI series magnetic drive pump is suitable for petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, electroplating, food, film and printing, water treatment, national defense, and other industries, is the ideal pump for conveying flammable, explosive, aggressive, toxic, purified, and various corrosive fluids.

The wetted parts of RMI series magnetic drive pump are made of stainless steel, and these pumps are suitable to transport medium with pressure no more than 1.6Mpa, temperature no more than 120℃, and viscosity no more than 30x 10-6 mz V / S, no solid particles and fibers. Please contact sales to get more support if the pressure is more than 1. 6MPa, or the temperature exceeds 120 degrees, or need heat jacket, etc.


Magnetic Drive Centrifugal Pump for Low Flashing Point Liquids 0Structural Features Editing Broadcast

Permanent magnet

The permanent magnet made of rare earth permanent magnetic materials has a wide operating temperature range (-45-400 ℃), high Coercivity, good anisotropy in the magnetic field direction, and no demagnetization when the poles are close to each other. It is a good magnetic field source.

Isolation sleeve

When the metal isolation sleeve is used, the isolation sleeve is in a sinusoidal alternating magnetic field, and Eddy current is induced on the section perpendicular to the direction of the magnetic force line and converted into heat. The expression for eddy current is: where Pe - eddy current; K - constant; N - rated speed of the pump; T - magnetic transmission torque; F - pressure inside the spacer; D - Inner diameter of the spacer sleeve; The electrical resistivity of a material; - The tensile strength of the material. After the pump is designed, n and T are given by the operating conditions, and reducing eddy currents can only be considered from aspects such as F and D. Selecting non-metallic materials with high resistivity and strength to make isolation sleeves has a significant effect in reducing eddy currents.

Cooling and lubricating fluid flow rate

When the pump is running, a small amount of liquid must be used to flush and cool the annular gap area between the inner magnetic rotor and the isolation sleeve, as well as the friction pair of the sliding bearing. The flow rate of coolant is usually 2% -3% of the pump design flow rate, and the annular gap area between the inner magnetic rotor and the isolation sleeve generates high heat due to eddy currents. When the cooling lubricant is insufficient or the flushing hole is not smooth or blocked, it will cause the medium temperature to be higher than the working temperature of the permanent magnet, gradually losing the magnetism of the inner magnetic rotor, and causing the magnetic drive to fail. When the medium is water or water-based liquid, the temperature rise in the annular gap area can be maintained at 3-5 ℃; When the medium is hydrocarbon or oil, the temperature rise in the annular gap area can be maintained at 5-8 ℃.

sliding bearing

The materials used for magnetic pump sliding bearings include impregnated graphite, filled PTFE, engineering ceramics, etc. Due to the excellent heat resistance, corrosion resistance, and friction resistance of engineering ceramics, the sliding bearings of magnetic pumps are mostly made of engineering ceramics. Due to the brittleness and low expansion coefficient of engineering ceramics, the bearing clearance should not be too small to avoid shaft holding accidents.

Due to the fact that the sliding bearings of the magnetic pump are lubricated with the medium conveyed, different materials should be selected to make bearings based on different media and operating conditions.


Magnetic Drive Centrifugal Pump for Low Flashing Point Liquids 0FEATURES

1, CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) design of hydraulic components, wide flow channel, high efficiency, low NPSHr performance, less radial force.

2. The wetted parts are shaped by precise casting mold, smooth inner wall of the flow channel, and high efficiency.

3. Choose high performance NdFeB (neodymium iron boron) and SmCo (samarium cobalt) permanent magnets to ensure sufficient magnetic torque.

4. Low eddy current can design, so that the efficiency of the pump is higher.

5. Modular parts design, easy to maintain.

6. Plain bearing and shaft adopted high wear resistance, high corrosive-resistance SSiC, unique double bearing positioning structure design, with dynamic lubrication structure, to ensure the stable performance and prolong the service life.

7. Special lubrication and cooling design: the transporting medium is used to take away the heat generated by the eddy current on the can and lubricate the plain bearing, so that the axial force of the pump can automatically balance and ensure the safe running of the pump.

8. The can made of high-quality stainless steel with advanced technology, drain medium completely (when stop to repair) and automatic empty (when to restart).

9. Heat jacket, cooling jacket, or high temperature jacket could to be added if the application required.


Magnetic Drive Centrifugal Pump for Low Flashing Point Liquids 0PERAMETERS:

NAME TYPE FLOW HEAD working temperature power speed DIA OF FLANGE pressure


steel magnetic

drive pump

RMI 3.2-1000m3/h 8-150m -20~350℃ 1.1-315kw 2900/1450 r/min 32-200mm 0-1.6Mpa (1.6-30 Mpa need to be customized) Rotate clockwise from the motor side)


Magnetic Drive Centrifugal Pump for Low Flashing Point Liquids 5

Magnetic Drive Centrifugal Pump for Low Flashing Point Liquids 0MODEL CODING:


Magnetic Drive Centrifugal Pump for Low Flashing Point Liquids 7


Magnetic Drive Centrifugal Pump for Low Flashing Point Liquids 0MODELS:


Model Q
Motor power
RMI 32-20-125 3.2 20 2900 16 YX490S-2 1.5
RMI 32-20-160 3.2 32 2900 18 YX490L-2 2.2
RMI 40-25-105 6.3 12.5 2900 20 YX490S-2 1.5
RMI 40-25-125 6.3 20 2900 24 YX490L-2 2.2
RMI 40-25-160 6.3 32 2900 26 YX4100L-2 3
RMI 40-25-200 6.3 50 2900 26 YX4132S1-2 5.5
RMI 40-25-250 6.3 80 2900 20 YX4160M1-2 11
RMI 50-32-125 12.5 20 2900 34 YX4100L-2 3
RMI 50-32-160 12.5 32 2900 39 YX4112M-2 4
RMI 50-32-200 12.5 50 2900 31 YX4132S2-2 7.5
RMI 50-32-250 12.5 80 2900 25 YX4160M2-2 15
RMI 65-50-125 25 20 2900 45 YX4112M-2 4
RMI 65-50-160 25 32 2900 45 YX4132S2-2 7.5
RMI 65-40-200 25 50 2900 35 YX4160M2-2 15
RMI 65-40-250 25 80 2900 37 YX4160L-2 18.5
RMI 65-40-315 25 125 2900 27 YX4200L2-2 37
RMI 80-65-125 50 20 2900 55 YX4132S2-2 7.5
RMI 80-65-160 50 32 2900 55 YX4160M1-2 11
RMI 80-50-200 50 50 2900 50 YX4160L-2 18.5
RMI 80-50-250 50 80 2900 45 YX4200L1-2 30
RMI 80-50-315 50 125 2900 40 YX4250M-2 55
RMI 100-80-125 100 20 2900 61 YX4160M1-2 11
RMI 100-80-160 100 32 2900 61 YX4160L-2 18.5
RMI 100-65-200 100 50 2900 60 YX4200L1-2 30
RMI 100-65-250 100 80 2900 56 YX4250M-2 55
RMI 100-65-315 100 125 2900 50 YX4280M-2 90


Magnetic Drive Centrifugal Pump for Low Flashing Point Liquids 9


More than 10,000+ customers in chemical, pharmaceutical, new energy, electronic aluminum foil and other industries have chosen RICITE products (magnetic drive pumps, chemical canned motor pumps, diaphragm pumps, mechanical seal centrifugal pumps, etc.), and Ricite (Zhejiang) Science & Technology Co., Ltd. has taken part in editing several industry technical standards and specifications, and won the honors of high-tech, energy-saving products and many other patents. Ricite (Zhejiang) Science & Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to manufacturing leak-free pumps, and adheres to the goal of developing magnetic drive pumps, chemical canned motor pumps, and other pumps, and pursues the technological innovation and providing reliable, high cost-efficient and energy-saving pumps and services to customers.



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