Stainless Steel Air Diaphragm Pump For Water Transfer

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Place of Origin: Zhejiang
Brand Name: Ricite
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Place of Origin Zhejiang Brand Name Ricite
Flow: 1-60m3/h Connection: Thread, Flange
Drive: Pneumatic Head: 70m-84m
Air Consumption: 252L/min-9100L/min Suction: 6m
Solids: 1-10mm High Light:

Water Transfer Air Diaphragm Pump


Stainless Steel Air Diaphragm Pump

Product Description

Product Description:

The Diaphragm Pump is a reliable and efficient solution for applications that require high viscosity, versatility, dry-run capability and high efficiency. With a drive of pneumatic, air consumption from 252L/min to 9100L/min, flow from 1-60m3/h, connection of thread and flange, and solids from 1-10mm, the Diaphragm Pump is enabled to handle a wide range of liquids. It is designed for long-term operation, and can reliably and safely perform in various working conditions. With its robust construction and advanced technology, the Diaphragm Pump is a reliable choice for many applications, such as chemical, mining, food, pharmaceutical, and industrial processes. The Diaphragm Pump is also highly regarded for its dry-run capability, which allows it to be used in a wide variety of applications. With its compact size and low power consumption, the Diaphragm Pump is an ideal choice for many users.



  • Product Name: Diaphragm Pump
  • Connection: Thread, Flange
  • Drive: Pneumatic
  • Solids: 1-10mm
  • Head: 70m-84m
  • Flow: 1-60m3/h
  • High Viscosity: Suitable for high viscosity fluids
  • Solid-laden: Capable of handling solid-laden fluids

Technical Parameters:

Parameter Value
Air consumption 252L/min-9100L/min
Head 70m-84m
Flow 1-60m3/h
Solids 1-10mm
Connection Thread, Flange
Drive Pneumatic
Suction 6m
Self-priming Yes
Dry-run Yes
Versitality Yes


Ricite Diaphragm Pump, with its high quality and place of origin in Zhejiang, can handle suction up to 6m and head from 70m-84m, with solids from 1-10mm. It can be connected through thread and flange, and driven by pneumatic. It is suitable for heavy duty and high viscosity applications, and is both dry-run and corrosion resistant. Its low temperature and high pressure design makes it perfect for various demanding applications.



Ricite Diaphragm Pump Customized Service

Ricite Diaphragm Pump is made in Zhejiang and features a head of 70m-84m, air consumption of 252L/min-9100L/min, Pneumatic drive, Flow of 1-60m3/h, solids of 1-10mm. It has excellent features such as Dry-run, Versitality, and High Viscosity.


Support and Services:

Technical Support and Service for Diaphragm Pump

At XYZ, we offer professional technical support and service for Diaphragm Pump. Our team of experts are available to answer your questions and provide guidance on installation, operation, troubleshooting, and maintenance.


Our team of experts will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to install the Diaphragm Pump. We will also provide you with the necessary parts and accessories to ensure a successful installation.


We provide detailed instructions on how to use the Diaphragm Pump. Our team of experts is available to answer any questions you may have about the pump’s operation.


If you are having trouble with your Diaphragm Pump, our team of experts can help you troubleshoot and identify the problem. We will provide you with the necessary tools and parts to help you resolve any issues.


We provide regular maintenance services for Diaphragm Pump to ensure optimal performance. Our team of experts can help you with any maintenance concerns you may have.

If you have any questions or need help with your Diaphragm Pump, please contact us at XYZ. We are here to help!


Packing and Shipping:

Packaging and Shipping: Diaphragm Pump

The Diaphragm Pump is packaged in a heavy-duty cardboard box to protect it from damage during shipping. Inside the box, the Diaphragm Pump is secured with foam padding to ensure that it arrives in perfect condition. The box also includes instructions and other documentation to help with the installation and use of the product.

The Diaphragm Pump is shipped via a reputable carrier. We take extra care to ensure that the package is securely sealed and labeled properly for the carrier. Tracking information is provided to the customer to ensure that they can monitor the package's progress.



Q1: What is a Diaphragm Pump?
A1: A Diaphragm Pump is a kind of positive displacement pump, which is driven by an eccentric shaft and uses a flexible diaphragm as the power chamber.
Q2: What is the brand name of the Diaphragm Pump?
A2: The brand name of the Diaphragm Pump is Ricite.
Q3: Where is the Diaphragm Pump made?
A3: The Diaphragm Pump is made in Zhejiang, China.
Q4: What is the advantage of the Diaphragm Pump?
A4: The Diaphragm Pump has the advantages of low noise, stable operation, easy maintenance, high temperature resistance, and strong self-priming ability.
Q5: What kind of fluids can be pumped by the Diaphragm Pump?
A5: The Diaphragm Pump is suitable for pumping corrosive, flammable, and explosive liquids, as well as viscous, volatile, and hazardous liquids.

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