"Craftsmanship and excellence", delivered for use by Ricite Technology's large flow high-temperature fluorine lined magnetic pump


RICITE Technology has always adhered to the spirit of "craftsmanship and excellence", and has almost strict requirements for product development and production, especially for pumps with complex working conditions. We are meticulous and fully committed, never daring to slack off.


Recently, RICITE Technology customized a large flow and high-temperature fluorine lined magnetic pump for a domestic famous New Energy Materials Company. After dozens of days and nights of research and development by the company's engineering and technical personnel, it was successfully delivered to customers for use and received good feedback.



As a suitable equipment for fluid transmission under complex working conditions in chemical enterprises, large flow and high temperature fluorine lined magnetic pumps have strong technical, professional, and precision capabilities. Generally, fluorine lined magnetic pumps are limited by materials and processes. Currently, small flow, low head, and low torque are mainly used in domestic and foreign markets. In some cases of strong corrosion, high temperature, high torque, and low speed requirements, there is no particularly suitable pump.


However, the RICITE Technology High Flow High Temperature Fluorine Lined Magnetic Pump (RMD-FT-G) uses advanced materials and processes to solve the development of concentrated sulfuric acid, hydrofluoric acid, and high flow, low speed, and high torque products under high temperature conditions.


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Usage conditions: Suitable for medium transportation conditions such as temperature ≤ 150 ℃, caliber ≤ DN250, flow rate ≤ 400m3/h, fully sealed, no leakage requirements, strong corrosion, and flammable and explosive materials.


Applicable industries: petrochemical, fine chemical, pharmaceutical intermediates, electronic aluminum foil, chlor alkali industry, pesticide chemical, polycrystalline silicon, new energy, etc.


-Advantages Comparison-


Conventional fluorine lined magnetic pumps mostly use rotational molding technology, with lining materials mostly made of ETFE, fluorine alloy, F46, PFA and other granular materials. The pump shaft is fixed by ceramic materials through the pump body bracket and isolation sleeve bracket, and is a fixed shaft structure. This type of product has low temperature resistance and is not suitable for high flow and torque conditions. Moreover, the fluorine plastic layer and metal have poor adhesion, and its service life is short.


The pump body and impeller of this new product are both molded using PFA particle material as the lining material. The PFA lining layer formed by this process can withstand temperatures up to 150 ℃ and can withstand strong corrosion such as concentrated sulfuric acid and hydrofluoric acid. Moreover, the bonding between the lining PFA and the metal shell is good, which can greatly improve the service life of the pump, especially for the impeller. The stainless steel impeller is used as the metal skeleton, with high molding strength, good temperature resistance, and no deformation. Especially for low speed, large diameter impellers, and high flow conditions, it is an ideal process method.

latest company news about "Craftsmanship and excellence", delivered for use by Ricite Technology's large flow high-temperature fluorine lined magnetic pump  1



-Technical highlights-


1. The main components adopt PFA molding process, which can withstand high temperatures up to 150 ℃ and has high corrosion resistance. It is also suitable for high-temperature concentrated sulfuric acid and hydrofluoric acid.


2. Adopting an integrated structure and lined with PFA material, it can withstand high torque and achieve high flow rate, low speed, and high torque.


3. The shaft sleeve, thrust ring, impeller, and inner rotor are all running synchronously, without friction, and have a long service life.


Times are changing, and the market is changing. Richter Technology is well aware that in an increasingly competitive market, only by adhering to craftsmanship, putting craftsmanship first, striving for excellence, and constantly innovating and expanding can we meet the different needs of the market, keep up with the pace of the times, and establish our own brand



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