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With the diversification of chemical enterprise media and the characteristics of chemical products, chemical media generally have the characteristics of toxicity, corrosion, flammability, and explosiveness. Some media also require low-temperature storage and transportation. Therefore, for manufacturers of chemical fluid transmission equipment, there is undoubtedly a greater demand and difficulty. RICITEichter Technology has grasped the pain points of the market and overcome difficulties. By utilizing its own research and development, technology, and production advantages, it has developed a series of magnetic pumps (insulation magnetic pumps, high-temperature magnetic pumps, no-load magnetic pumps, etc.), shielded pumps, diaphragm pumps, chemical pumps, and other products that meet the needs of chemical enterprises. Moreover, in the field of complex medium transportation, new products are frequently introduced to help chemical enterprises solve problems.



New Product 1


Submersible canned pump


-Expert in Chemical Fluid Transportation-



At present, some manufacturers that transport special chemical media, such as hydrofluoric acid, have stricter requirements for pumps, pipelines, valves, etc. that transport media. Due to the chemical characteristics of hydrofluoric acid, which is easy to vaporize, toxic, highly toxic, flammable, and explosive, its storage has become very difficult.


Hydrofluoric acid is a weak acid with strong corrosiveness, which can strongly corrode metals, glass, and objects containing silicon. Due to its boiling point of only 19.6 degrees, it is prone to vaporization and can cause difficult to heal burns if inhaled or in contact with the skin. Its characteristic requires manufacturers to provide more reliable storage conditions, and temperature control is a key issue while avoiding "running, emitting, dripping, and leaking".



Therefore, more and more chemical manufacturers are storing hydrofluoric acid in underground tanks to avoid liquid leakage and effectively solve the problem of high ground temperature and easy vaporization. This approach is somewhat similar to the practice of storing gasoline at gasoline stations.



However, such strict storage conditions also put forward higher requirements for medium transportation. It is necessary to solve both the problem of no leakage of the medium and the height difference of transportation. How can this problem be solved?


To this end, Ricite Technology immediately responded to customer needs and customized a new product - submerged shielded pump - based on the characteristics of the conveying medium through research and development discussions.


So, what kind of product is a submerged shielded pump? Can it really be used for underwater diving? Does he have any advantages?


With these questions, let's take a look together.



/Product Introduction/



The underwater submersible shielded pump is actually an innovation and extension of the opposed barrel bag pump. It is a new type of pump product that has leak free and self priming functions for some special chemical media, and also has the functions of both underwater pump and shielded pump. Of course, more importantly, it has its own unique advantages, which can effectively solve the transmission problem of low-temperature storage chemical media.


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/Design Structure/



The underwater shielded pump consists of two parts: the pump body, control line pipeline, outlet pipe, controller, pressure gauge, and other components.


The submerged part of the pump body adopts a chemical shielding pump, characterized by the pump and motor as a whole, and the shaft does not extend to the outside. Therefore, the pump does not have a shaft sealing device that generates friction during operation. At the same time, it uses its own medium lubrication to solve the external leakage of the transported medium. It has the characteristics of simple manufacturing, less leakage, and easy maintenance, and is suitable for transporting highly toxic, corrosive, and other media. It can effectively solve the need for leak free transportation of media such as hydrofluoric acid.


At the same time, the front and rear bearings of the pump are made of graphite bearings that are corrosion-resistant, not prone to static electricity, have good wear resistance, and have high hardness. Especially in wet operation, friction and loss are greatly reduced.


In addition, the two axial flow channels inside the bearing are designed as spiral flow channels matching the rotation direction of the pump, which reduces the Friction loss of the fluid in the flow channel, and makes the lubrication of the friction pair more uniform. A stable and uniform liquid film can be formed between the bearing and the shaft sleeve, and the friction heat generated by the friction pair can be taken away by the internal lubricating medium in time during operation to maintain low temperature operation.



/Product advantages/



The innovative design and optimization of bearing structure effectively solve the problem of hydrofluoric acid medium pump internal vaporization caused by the use of friction pair bearing structure composed of tetrafluoro and stainless steel, greatly reducing the occurrence of pump failures and maintaining long-term stable and good operation of the pump.


The upper part of the liquid is connected to the pump body through a stainless steel control line pipeline. The control line is threaded through the pipeline to provide power to the pump motor and control the start, stop, and operation of the pump. The operation of the pump can be viewed and controlled in real-time in the controller and instrument parts of the liquid. Compared to ordinary submerged pump motors that are externally mounted and rotate through multiple pump shafts in the medium, it can greatly reduce heat, effectively improve transmission efficiency, and reduce failure rates.

latest company news about RICITE Technology 2023 New Product Plan, Creating Customized New Services (1)  1



RICITE Technology submerged Submersible pump can not only meet the requirements of leak free transmission, but also achieve the effect of energy saving and practicality, reducing the probability of failure and maintenance. It is a new application of chemical canned pumps in the field of special fluid transmission, realizing the innovative application of chemical canned pumps in the liquid



RICITE Technology has always been committed to the research and development and production of new pumps with no leakage, high flow rate, and high head, deeply cultivating fields such as chemical, petroleum, new energy, pharmaceuticals, metallurgy, agrochemical, military, and nuclear industries, providing customers with more customized service requirements, continuously exploring and innovating, and bravely setting the industry trend


The new product series is gradually being launched, please stay tuned!


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