What is the reason for the failure of the magnetic pump?


The failure of magnetic pumps may be caused by various reasons, but the main ones are as follows:


Cavitation, medium, damage to internal parts (sliding bearings, isolation sleeves), production accuracy, motor failure, incorrect operation, demagnetization, etc. Understanding the causes of magnetic pump failure can lead to the occurrence of the malfunction. Xiaorui will summarize the reasons for the magnetic pump failure:


1. Cavitation leads to the failure of magnetic pumps: The main reasons for cavitation in magnetic pumps include: high resistance of the pump inlet pipe, excessive gas phase of the conveying medium, insufficient pump filling, and insufficient energy head at the pump inlet. Cavitation is also a common cause of pump failure, which poses great harm to the pump. When cavitation occurs, the pump vibrates violently and the balance is severely damaged, leading to damage to pump bearings, rotors, or impellers and other components.


2. Damaged isolation sleeve: The magnetic coupling of the magnetic pump is cooled by the medium conveyed by the pump. If there are hard particles in the conveyed medium, it is easy to cause scratches or punctures on the isolation sleeve. Improper maintenance methods may also cause damage to the isolation sleeve.


3. Lack of medium or low medium flow rate: This situation can cause dry friction between the rotor spindle and the stable bearing, resulting in the burning of the bearing. The conveying medium provides lubrication and cooling for the sliding bearing of the magnetic pump. If the inlet or outlet valves are not opened, the sliding bearing will be damaged due to high temperature due to the lack of conveying medium lubrication and cooling.


4. Magnetic pump demagnetization: The motor driven pump emits heat during transportation, and the same applies to magnetic pumps. If the flow rate is below the standard value for a long time during transportation, or if unexpected circumstances cause idling, it will gradually cause the pump chamber temperature to rise. When the temperature exceeds the heat resistance limit of the pump type, demagnetization will occur. To avoid this fault, it is necessary to arrange a dedicated person to monitor the transportation status of the pump in real time during use, avoid idling, and ensure that the medium temperature does not exceed the pump type standard. If high-temperature medium needs to be transported, a specialized high-temperature shielded pump should be selected.


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5. Internal abnormal noise: If there is a decrease in flow, it is necessary to consider whether the internal components are abnormal. Nowadays, some small manufacturers in the market may have poor quality when producing magnetic pumps, such as asymmetric unit axes, swing exceeding allowable values, and poor mechanical strength and stiffness of components.


6. Motor failure: Generally, motor problems are caused by current and voltage issues. The current value of the motor can be measured and the voltage can be checked to see if it meets the corresponding standards. The motor's own parameters such as speed, direction, and current can also be checked to see if they are within the standard values. If they are normal, it is considered whether there is a problem with the internal components of the motor, causing magnetic imbalance and causing systemic faults. Sometimes, when the motor is accompanied by abnormal vibrations and noise, it can be checked whether the magnetic center of the stator and rotor is consistent, and whether the air gap difference in each direction is within the allowable deviation value. If * *, replace the motor with a new one.

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