How to choose a high-temperature magnetic pump? What is suitable is good.


According to incomplete market research statistics, less than 70% of users know how to choose and purchase high-temperature magnetic pumps correctly.


Due to insufficient purchasing experience and insufficient understanding of the product characteristics of high-temperature magnetic pumps, even a large number of buyers only purchase according to the specified standards of the enterprise, without customizing products according to their own needs, making it difficult to purchase high-temperature magnetic pumps effectively.


In fact, the production technology of pumps is constantly changing, and there are also slight differences in product performance. If a company can master more skills, it not only needs to understand its own needs, but also needs to understand the other party's products. Remember the following points to help you choose products correctly.


Self positioning


High temperature magnetic pumps have a wide range of applications, with clear self positioning and careful selection of models based on medium and operating conditions.


Generally speaking, different media require different pump body parameters. For example, when conveying flammable, explosive or toxic media, reliable shaft seals or leak free pumps can be selected. If there is a need for corrosion resistance, it is also necessary to indicate in advance. It is best to clearly list the concentration, viscosity, temperature, etc. of the media, so that manufacturers can customize them to meet user needs.


Pump parameters


Different pump types have different parameters, and high-temperature magnetic pumps can also be divided into many different models. Therefore, buyers need to have a detailed understanding of the flow, temperature, pressure and other parameters of the device, and choose products with appropriate parameters based on their usage in order to truly unleash the value of the product.


Cost issues



For enterprises, whether it is purchasing expenses or maintenance expenses, they are all cost issues of purchasing pumps. We cannot only focus on the discounted prices in front of us, but also need to examine the endurance, service life, maintenance and other issues of high-temperature magnetic pumps in subsequent work, in order to effectively save expenses.


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